Here's the YUM!

Everything we make is from scratch!  All of our recipes feature the greatest animal I've ever tasted ... THE PIG!


Rosemary pulled pork butt on a garlic gnocchi waffle, shoe string potatoes and garnish

YUM Balls

​Fried bread pudding balls infused with bacon and YUM sauce (it's really Whiskey sauce, and its YUM)


The Cowboy features the 'Original' pulled pork with spiral Mac & cheese on top. Garnished with Spanish Dust and Smokey Cheddar(Inspired by our favorite Cowboy ... Cameron) 


​'The Original' features pulled pork butt, OJ marinade, homemade fry bread, apple-garlic coleslaw, topped with world famous bbq sauce.

YUM Bricks

​Rice Cereal Treats with BACON!


'The Mundo'.  Tequila / Lime pulled pork, homemade fried corn cake, black bean / corn salsa, topped with garlic creme.