'The Mundo'.  Tequila / Lime pulled pork, homemade fried corn cake, black bean / corn salsa, topped with garlic creme.  


Rosemary pulled pork butt on a garlic gnocchi waffle, shoe string potatoes and garnish


The Cowboy features the 'Original' pulled pork with spiral Mac & cheese on top. Garnished with Spanish Dust and Smokey Cheddar(Inspired by our favorite Cowboy ... Cameron) 

Here's the YUM!

Everything we make is from scratch!  All of our recipes feature the greatest animal I've ever tasted ... THE PIG!

YUM Bricks

​Rice Cereal Treats with BACON!


​'The Original' features pulled pork butt, OJ marinade, homemade fry bread, apple-garlic coleslaw, topped with world famous bbq sauce.

YUM Balls

​Fried bread pudding balls infused with bacon and YUM sauce (it's really Whiskey sauce, and its YUM)