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Okay OKC,
We're pleased to introduce you to YUM PIG: the quirky trailer that's serving up porky dishes that you are sure to dig.

You must try our delicious 'Original':  Fry bread topped with Pulled Pork Butt, OJ Marinade, Apple-Garlic Coleslaw, and world famous BBQ Sauce.

You might want to try our Rosemary Pulled Pork Butt on a Fried Garlic Potato Waffle, topped with Shoestring Potatoes is where it's at. 

Que es esto?  It must be the Mundo!  Tequila Lime pulled pork on a delicious fried corn cake!  It's topped with black bean and corn salsa and a garlic sauce. (which is a secret recipe).  

The Cowboy is the crowd favorite!  Creamy mac & cheese topped with our 'Original' pulled pork and a delicious smoked cheddar!  You'll want the 'Cowboy', sooner than later.

Mmm, once you pig out on this pork of perfection, you too will become a major fan of YUM!

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customers coming back AGAIN ANd again.