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Okay OKC,
We're pleased to introduce you to YUM PIG: the quirky food truck that's serving up pork dishes that will put a smile on your face and love in your tummy.

Starting in 2016, we wanted to introduce a food truck that didn’t serve ‘traditional’ food truck fare.  We wanted to bring restaurant flare to a mobile ride.  

You must try our delicious 'Original':  Fry bread topped with Pulled Pork Butt, OJ Marinade, Apple-Garlic Coleslaw, and world famous BBQ Sauce.

You might want to try our Rosemary Pulled Pork Butt served on golden fries, topped with Shoestring Potatoes and scallions.

Que es esto?  It must be the Mundo!  Tequila Lime pulled pork on a delicious fried corn cake!  It's topped with black bean and corn salsa and a garlic sauce. (which is a secret recipe). Did we mention the Hatch pepper & bacon relish? 

The Cowboy is the crowd favorite!  Creamy mac & cheese topped with our 'Original' pulled pork and a delicious smoked cheddar!  You'll want the 'Cowboy', sooner than later.

In 2018 we introduced the Loaded Fries.  They’re quickly becoming the new crowd favorite.  Golden fries topped with our signature OJ pulled pork topped with Tilamook shredded cheddar, garlic cream sauce, bacon and our Hatch pepper & bacon relish.  Oh, my!

The pork influence doesn’t stop with entrees.  Fried bread pudding with bacon anyone?  Our YUM BALLS dipped in our whiskey butter sauce are to die for.

Mmm, once you pig out on this pork of perfection, you too will become a major fan of YUM!